About us

In 2022, Todd from Project Farm started Ozzie's Coffee in response to a running joke among his viewers. After testing motor oil in coffee pots, his viewers joked, "If you visit Project Farm, don't ever drink Todd's coffee." As an avid coffee drinker and believer in quality and value, Todd decided to surprise his fans by launching Ozzie's Coffee. Now you might be wondering, "What's the meaning behind Ozzie's?" Todd's nickname from his high school basketball years was actually "Ozzie."

Like Todd's values, Ozzie's Coffee is a no frills, premium coffee that you can enjoy every day with your family. Our coffee beans are USDA Organic (certified by NFC), fair trade, and roasted in small batches. We roast our coffee weekly and nitrogen flush each bag so you can enjoy our coffee immediately or weeks later. Look, if you ever find yourself at Project Farm, definitely don't drink Todd's coffee. Fortunately, you can enjoy Ozzie's Coffee in the safety of your own home and coffee pot 😁.

Picture from Is Amazon Basics better than Liqui Moly? Let's find out! video

Todd (on the left) warming up for a basketball game